I’m not terribly religious, but I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of making a sacrifice or improvement on yourself for Lent. It has an end date, which makes it easier to fathom than a vague resolution, and frequently I’ve found it to be helpful to establish new habits or break old, bad ones. In college I […]

I spent my day off catching up on a lot of reading, including Google’s Material Design guidelines. As a start up PM, I was blown away at the excruciating consideration and detail that could be put into any software, but when you consider that it is Google designing their flagship mobile platform, it makes sense. […]

2012. What a year. If I had to come up with a theme for the year, it was a time of getting into a groove here in NYC and figuring out where my place is. To think, a year ago at this time I was still unpacking in a new apartment, I had never been […]

I found an old, barely used Moleskine notebook in my desk drawer the other day and cracked it open, expecting it to be blank and ready for more scribbles. Somewhat to my surprise, I had already used the first few pages. I bought this particular notebook at some point in 2010 at Grand Central. My cell phone […]

I had never heard the phrase “artifacts” used to describe design documentation of any type until fairly recently, so clearly now it is my favorite new phrase to drop into conversations. It makes sense that we create physical, tangible documents to describe software development, considering the fluid nature of the web in general. Just thinking […]

Today I came across this list of amazing commencement speeches, included in which is the famous Steve Jobs speech at Stanford in 2005. It got me thinking about all of the things I’ve come across that make me feel inspired or excited. I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately so I pulled together […]

One evening last week I found myself waiting on the familiar Downtown/Brooklyn platform for a F train to visit my old neighborhood of Park Slope. Every day for my first few months in NYC I would head home from there so I became familiar with the most efficient path to the station from work and […]